The Smartphone arena is improving constantly. Every year, dozens of new and improved devices emerge, offering customers the most advanced communication options. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, we work through them, keep in touch through them and entertain ourselves at different moments. The smartphones have integrated into our daily lives in such a way that some will say that their device is their entire world. These devices keep all our information and connections email, to social networks and even our bank accounts. They contain loads of personal  information and many other important things.

The question is: How can we keep our phones safe and know that they are reacting normally at any given moment? How can we ensure that it is functioning properly and we will not lose our information or communication capabilities? We have all experienced our phones suddenly shutting down, or collapsing from lack of memory. Has the battery started running out too fast? There can be endless issues and problems.


TestM, an Israeli start-up marks the maintenance and control of smartphones as one of its main goals. As of today the company provides a variety of diagnostic applications to test the device’s capabilities. These  include various tests for the device, such as hardware (battery, processor, memory, etc.), camera, connectivity tests and many more.

The TestM application provides an up-to-date snapshot of the device within 5 minutes by a simple interface and no need of prior knowledge. This open-store app is used by over two million users around the world, and the app is changing the market when it comes to mobile devices.

TestM’s various applications integrate within the business world and contribute to many industries.

Insurance companies, cellular phone providers, smartphone laboratories, companies with telephone fleets and more …

Insurance companies receive new tools that change the game in regards to mobile device insurance. Companies around the world (Australia, Africa, Europe and America) are partnering with TestM, which allows them to save thousands of dollars a month, helping them avoid fraud and enabling databases to be run on standard businesses.

The insurance companies receive management interfaces that are synchronized with the application on the customer’s phone, and can receive reliable and relevant information about the results of the various tests. In addition, the company can provide an ideal and specific price quote for each customer according to the information received. The solutions the company offers are changing the world of insurance for mobile devices.

Telephone providers use TestM services as part of the functions they offer their customers. As of today, these vendors’ applications have a TestM SDK that enable the end users to use the service as part of the service provider’s service package. This enables service providers to provide a remote response based on relevant, up-to-date and reliable information. All of these contribute to saving money, better customer retention and improved customer service!

Companies such as Pelephone, Cellcom, KievStar and other telephone providers around the world are already using these services and can attest to the many advantages and successes that have changed the mobile arena and opened them up to a new world of possibilities and better communication between the different parties.

The cellular labs use this service as a preliminary diagnostic tool for the smartphone. The application detects the hardware and other functions within five minutes and produces a detailed report of the test results. All of these help to direct service providers to the most appropriate and effective form of repair. In addition the laboratories can track repeated malfunctions in specific types of devices through the system and be prepared for various problems that may occur. The TestM service helps save money and time and improves the laboratory service and quality.

Companies with telephone fleets Many companies provide smartphones to their employees and even provide them with internal customer service. The TestM app allows these companies to provide remote service. The employee can understand the condition of the device and send a test results report, customer service will then let the employee know and the support can be carried out remotely or by setting up a meeting.


The TestM concept was devised due to our need of being in control of the device that stores so much information on us. Today’s devices are not cheap and the app allows us to keep the device longer than usual, improve and streamline the usage and be in control of the device as much as the device controls our lives.

The app is very easy to use and very intuitive. The most important data appears on the home page and gives an overview of the device, about storage, RAM and other apps on your device.

In addition there are other interactive tests that diagnose other functions in the device that we use on a daily basis such as image quality, photo quality, touch screen and battery life.

The camera tests are done by taking a picture or a video and allowing you to design and select unique TestM filters. Moreover, you can even share the image on different platforms.

The TestM app lets you control the device and know the hardware status of the device, clean it up, and make it more efficient.

The app benefits users when they buy a new smartphone and even when they want to sell their old device. TestM provides a test result report that is a reliable source for the state of your smartphone. The application makes the experience transparent and real and allows all parties to know and understand the smallest of details.


TestM offers solutions to the business world as well as to private users. The solutions that the company offers are varied and will undoubtedly help and improve your life.

TestM changes the rules of the game, the transparency and simplicity it brings into the mobile world brings with it a significant change in the business world, as well as improves and streamlines the use of all private smartphone users.

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