TestM’s diagnostic tool for smartphones offers a wide range of functional tests for the various features of the device to ensure proper operation of the hardware and software of the device.The TestM app allows the user to carefully diagnose his mobile device and check its propriety from camera and audio tests to processor, battery and other tests.

In these modern times, the smartphone is an inseparable part of our lives. We rely on our phones for many different purposes from leisure, work and many other personal interests as well.Due to our extensive use of the device, these devices often need replacement. We have no choice, Multi use = worn device.

New smartphones are not cheap and can even be expensive, but luckily, today’s consumer can buy a smartphone without spending too much money by buying a second hand or refurbished device.However, prior to acquisition it is highly beneficial to ensure that the smartphone is properly operating by the device’s diagnostic tool, using the TestM application.Let’s see how the various checks and tests will ensure you a safe purchase:

The use of the TestM application provides over 24 different tests, some of which are performed by the simple push of a button and some require minimal user participation (such as touch screen testing). At the end of the testing process, a detailed report of the test results can be produced, thus making sure you are making the right investment.

Camera testing:
This test is not essential, but sometimes people forget to test it when purchasing a device. The camera is prone to various damages like cracks and water damage, TestM’s diagnostic tool will ensure a proper camera with quality images at the desired level.

Touch screen testing:
This test is crucial! Modern day smartphones work by using the touch screen and if the touch is not working properly, you will not be able to use it.

WIFI test:
We connect with the smartphone to various networks around us, without Internet, the device   will not satisfy all of our needs. This test detects the quality of the connection.

Battery life test:
The older the device, the less efficient its battery becomes.
Battery testing is a very important test, the test that will decide whether you should purchase the device. Testing the battery with the TestM application is one of the most advanced tests and accurately diagnoses the percentage of the battery failing in time. The most efficient battery test in the market.


The TestM application offers a variety of tests for everything related to audio, GPS, connectivity, CPU and more. With the application you can decide whether or not you should buy the smartphone and be sure of your decision.
Also, apart from buying devices, the application contributes and ensures sales of devices. Smartphone marketers can also benefit from the application and increase their sales by presenting a detailed report of the device to potential customers.

The TestM diagnostic tool protects the sellers and buyers of second-hand smartphones and allows them to make the deal with confidence. The second-hand smartphone market has grown immensely and we are here to provide a unique, reliable and objective solution for users.

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