Smartphone devices have been improving over the years, smarter and more advanced. With all the improvements and advances in technology, every smartphone becomes worn out over the years. With the wearing out of the device, the battery also wears out, but there are various ways to save battery life and significantly reduce this.
Here are a few tips to save the life of your smartphone battery, not all of them are always convenient to do, but definitely worth the long-term effort.

1) Original charger
Nowadays you can purchase a battery from many places, gas stations, Online, supermarkets, electronic stores and more. Most of these chargers are supposed to charge faster than usual, but they do not necessarily work well with the device. Not every charger fits every device. The best thing to do is to purchase an original charger, or at least a charger that is as close to the characteristics of the original charger data. (Every charger has the details of the electrical charge and current printed on it).

2) Short loads
We all like to wake up in the morning with our battery at 100%, however, prolonged charging (overnight) is ineffective and can damage battery life. Charging time of a device takes only a few hours. When the device is connected to a charger overnight, unnecessary charging takes place. Once the battery reaches 100% and continues to be connected to a charger, it accumulates heat, which can impair its life and performance. It is recommended to refill the battery a little at a time, even though modern advanced batteries are not affected by the charging history, long-term charging can cause the battery to heat up. It is recommended to charge 10% -20% at each session and this will reduce overworking the battery. Be sure to unplug the device from charging before reaching full charge. Another rumor that people claim could damage the device is letting the phone reach 0%, this is not true! We recommend keeping the battery above 50%. Keep the appliance at a proper temperature while charging, taking care not to charge the device with exposure to the sun or in hot places, if the appliance is warming up, remove the cover or casing to allow for efficient ventilation.

3) Ambient temperature
The ambient temperature greatly affects the battery temperature of the smartphone. Be careful not to expose the device to sunlight especially during charging or any another heat source.

4) Energy conservation
The various communications services consume a lot of energy from the battery, so try to turn them off while not in use. If you do not need to connect to another device / network turn off your Bluetooth  and WIFI. Turning these off will save battery power. The GPS also requires plenty of energy, if you can – turn it off.
Anther energy consumer – vibration. Vibrate Needs Higher Energy Than the Ringer.  If you can, lower the vibration mode and turn on the ringer. Vibration when alerting or typing also requires energy from the battery.

5) Lighting and screen brightness
The smartphone screen is the primary consumer of energy. To reduce the screen’s power consumption, its brightness can be dimmed or set to auto mode. Although automatic mode allows the lighting sensor to adjust the display lighting to ambient lighting, this mode will consume energy because the lighting sensor will remain on. Setting the brightness manually is the most economical and ideal way to save battery life.

6) Update apps
Apps consume a lot of energy, but the developers release more recent and efficient versions of the apps, these updates reduce battery consumption and can be maintained. Updates are also important in terms of information security while preventing hackers from infiltrating devices and causing damage to battery life.

7) Turn off unused apps
As mentioned, apps consume a lot of energy from the battery. While smartphones have advanced capabilities to run multiple applications at the same time, we do not always need all applications open. To preserve the battery, it is recommended and preferable to close unused applications in order to avoid unnecessary energy drainage from the battery.

Be sure to follow these tips to reduce the wearing out of your smartphone battery.

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