BYOD stands for – Bring your own device. This describes a new situation where employees or students bring the smart computer devices they own to the organization/institution. Devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones that belong to them and are used in their personal lives become, amongst other things, work or study tools. The BYOD may become part of a corporate policy where the organization agrees to support personal mobile devices or even provide an allowance for employees to purchase a device. This new situation provides many advantages that promote the goals of the organizations and has incredible success in the organizational environment.

Benefits of BYOD:

1- High flexibility and availability
Workplace flexibility increases employee loyalty, morale, and involvement. The fact that the employee can decide on the most convenient tools for him to work with makes it easier for him to be productive and more efficient. Employee availability becomes simpler, an employee can communicate with a customer/provider already on their way to work, sometimes various corporations allow employees to work from home or other locations. This flexibility is a significant advantage for organizations, as employees become more available, their satisfaction increases, they become more productive and efficient and even tend to take fewer sick days or leave the company.

2- Recognized devices
The power of habit is of great significance to humans. The BYOD allows the worker to work with the smart device that best suits him. A smart device with a well-known operating system makes the worker more productive and efficient, with the confidence to do chores and of course work comfort. Also, the BYOD sometimes saves the certification investment or at least its share because an employee knows the use of the smart device.

“61% of Gen Y and 50% of 30+ techsavvy workers believe the technology tools they use in their personal/social life are more efficient and productive than those used in their work life.” (Dell)

3- Economic Savings
Try to calculate how much money it costs for a business to purchase smartphones or laptops for their employees. The BYOD period transfers this cost from the company to the employee, as well as the support and insurance. Huge savings for businesses and convenience for employees.

With the many benefits of BYOD, there are also many disadvantages, which raises many questions about the new situation. These questions will need to be answered sooner or later.

Disadvantages of the BYOD:
1- Information Security –
One of the biggest drawbacks for the company that poses a high risk, is the matter of securing the company and maintaining confidential information. Even the most responsible employee may lose the computer or smartphone unintentionally. This situation requires the company to develop their field of information security. The information can be maintained in various ways such as maintaining relevant permissions for every employee in his or her field, blocking unauthorized software installation by the company and more.

“It is thought that approximately 22% of the total number of mobile devices produced will be lost or stolen during their lifetime, and over 50% of these will never be recovered.”( EY )

2- Accounts and Payments
The device itself may have been purchased and paid for by the employee, but the company has to pay for the software/system required for the business,.
Sometimes the company’s credit cards are stored on the device itself and this can cause errors when the device owner purchases an app/game that is not work-related. You need to be vigilant about the matter and make sure to delete the company’s credit data after making the relevant purchase.

3- Enforcing work hours
The BYOD is indeed a great advantage for organizations and institutions. Employees are becoming more available and can work from anywhere at any time; Providing service or answering communications even outside the working hours framework. Now, the question is, how are the employee’s work hours enforced? This question is yet to be answered unequivocally, as some of the workers work globally and some get paid hourly. These questions will need to be answered sooner or later.

The new situation has convenient advantages and dangerous disadvantages. It still raises administrative questions for proper functioning, but the situation is indeed a favorite for the employees. According to research, employees claim to save over an hour a day, become more productive and feel more loyal to the company.
Technological development brings the business world to new and interesting beginnings that we have to deal with as employees, businesses and in general.

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