When buying a new smartphone demand a detailed TestM report.
Buying a new smartphone is no simple matter. All the more so, when buying a second hand smartphone. It doesn’t matter if we start looking for a device by price or by recommendations … We will always have endless questions.
“What device do you use?” “Do you like it?” , “How’s the camera?” , “Can I download Heavy Games?” and loads more questions…

We will request recommendations from friends and family, we will read the smartphone specifications on relevant sites, look for the smartphone that best suits our usage habits as well as what  would be the most worthwhile investment.

We will do a price check. Where is it most worthwhile for me to buy the device? Is it at the digital store? At your cellular provider? Online? With warranty? Maybe I should buy a second hand device?
Everyone has thousands of questions on which device to buy, where and from whom…

Suppose you have reached a decision, you have purchased a new smartphone, the device that is most suitable for your use and at the best price for you. Great decision.

But what to do when there is a fundamental defect in the device?
Sometimes there are cases where even if the device is new from the box, it arrives defective from the manufacturer. This mistake can happen to anyone.

The return and cancellation of the purchase contract with the supplier from whom you bought the device is not always a simple and fair process.
If you contact  the vendor with the malfunction, he sends the device to the lab, or he repairs it himself, Just going  to the repair lab, the hassle and time you spend on it will slowly add to the cost of the device without you noticing.

Smartphones are not cheap and require investment in the buying process, testing, thinking, money, etc.
By the time you have reached a decision and you have already chosen, demand  a detailed TestM report from the supplier showing the status of the device.

The TestM Hardware app allows you to be confident in your purchase.
The app uses advanced technology for in-depth diagnostics and testing of the device. Test all functions of the device using over 30 different tests in less than 2 minutes. At the end of the testing process, a detailed report of the condition of the device is issued which will assure your decision and enable you to be sure that the device is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The TestM Hardware app is simple and easy to use, no technological knowledge is needed and everything happens in a very short time.
Additionally, with TestM you can check your current smartphone status, so that you can decide whether to keep it or maybe sell it and cover the new device you just purchased.

So, just before replacing your smartphone, download the TestM Hardware app and make smarter decisions for the next steps you take.

Require all details and information and be safe with TestM Hardware Reports.

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