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Test your device on the right way – Reliable diagnostic tool

TestM is a global leader in mobile device analysis, established in 2015 and based on professionalism, cooperation and excellence in the technology world.

TestM focuses on giving you full control over your mechanism, offering leading solutions in the field of smartphones. The company is a global leader in many product segments serving various companies from different fields around the world. TestM combines a global scale, technological depth, product selection and superior performance that contributes to the operational improvement of collaborators. The company provides solutions that enable its customers to build and develop more successful businesses, provide better services, remote control capabilities and appropriate changes to each business according to its needs.

TestM applies its operational expertise in order to provide the highest level of services, which will focus on cellular devices in the various worlds specializing in insurance, cellular laboratories, telephone fleet management, cellular companies, end customers and more.


Overall tech-check for any smartphone.
Check your phone’s health in real-time.
Create and share complete report on phone’s condition.
14K+ various devices – IOS & android.