Buy-Back Companies

Get a status snapshot of your device, making it more efficient to buy / sell devices


The TestM buy-back solution enables accurate capture of device status including device technical details such as model, manufacturer, IMEI, memory, etc.
The solution offers automated and semi-automatic testing for device diagnostics.
With the help of advanced diagnostic tools you will avoid fraud and human error.
Perform a device evaluation online from anywhere and anytime.
Generate detailed reports on device status used by a reliable and accurate third party security documentation.
Device bids can be combined based on requirements, as well as setting up mandatory testing as needed.

Broken Screen Test – An important and unique test to provide a relevant price offer.
We use the most advanced smart technology to detect cracks and fractures on the smartphone glass screen.

  • Over 40 different tests.
  • Sell/Buy second hand smartphone online.
  • Complete report on smartphone’s condition.
  • Avoid frauds and human error.
  • Offer relevant price based on the device status.

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