Test your device on the right way

The diagnostic solutions of the mobile device we provide are the most reliable in the industry.

We’ll help you set up the relevant checks for your business and help you improve your customer satisfaction.

Mobile carriers

Mobile carriers

Powerful engagement solution.

Service Labs

Service Labs

Improve your customer’s satisfaction and provide the right care for your mobile device.


Insurance companies

Insurance companies

Provide to your customers solutions and remote control services.


Manage a fleet of phones

Manage a fleet of phones

Diagnose the mobile device and find a solution easily.


Refurbished & upgraded 

Refurbished and upgraded device

Get a status snapshot of your device, making it more efficient to buy/sell devices.

Test all features in your phone

Hardware Test

Sensors, charger, buttons and more

Sound Test

Headphones, microphone, speaker

Connectivity Test

WIFI, Bluetooth, location

Camera Test

Flash, front/rear camera

Screen Test


Motion Test

Compass, acceleration, gyroscope
Test all kind of devices (IOS and Android)
Choose the type of test
Clear device from unused apps
Test your phone in less than 5 minutes
Monitoring malfunctions
Check all the features in the phone
Optimize your work with the device
Keeps your battery