Why is the IMEI check needed now more than ever?

Who needs an IMEI check and what for? And what caused the sudden growth of its demand all over the world? Here we will give you the answers to all of your questions!

What is an IMEI check?

To understand what does the IMEI check mean, we have to explain what is the IMEI first. The letters IMEI stand for: International Mobile Equipment Identity and that means, that each cellular phone has its’ own unique identity number. Usually, when people want to run an IMEI check, it is to get the information they need about their device.

When do we need an IMEI check?

Since mobile phones, of all kinds, are pretty expensive and yet, they are highly demanded, they get stolen daily to sell it and earn “easy money”. The only way to try to prevent it is by adding the IMEI of every device that was reported as stolen to the blacklist. When a certain IMEI is blacklisted, it cannot connect to the network, and therefore – it is completely useless. That is when you need an IMEI check the most!

Now more than ever

The reason the IMEI check is needed nowadays more than ever before is that more and more people buy second handed phones from private and unknown sellers and most of the time – from another continent. When a transaction between a buyer and a seller from different continents, or even from a different city takes place, the IMEI check can be critical for the decision making prosses.

IMEI check – do it yourself!

If you want to buy a second handed mobile phone and be sure, that it was not stolen and therefore perhaps in an improper condition, you will have to run an IMEI check on it. The good news is, that thanks to the TESTM app you can do it yourself and without the help of your mobile carrier and even without holding the device in your hands! This is one of the greatest values of the app because all you have to do to run an IMEI check with it is install it on the device, run the IMEI check and get the results in up to thirty seconds!

Additional ways to benefit from the app

The TESTM app is a user-friendly diagnostic tool, which can help you check the status of the device you want to purchase. Besides the ability to run an IMEI check on it, you can also check if the screen is broken or cracked, check the front and rear camera status, the battery life, the connectivity via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more! To run all the tests, you will need to invest no more than 5 minutes.

Thanks to the TESTM app you can now purchase second-hand smartphones, enjoy it and feel you got your money’s worth!