Provide to your customers solutions and remote control services.

TestM first! with TestM you don’t have to worry anymore.


Using TestM app will let your employees easily understand the source of the problem with their device before asking for your help. Using the TestM test is easy and simple to use, will make your employees feel in control of their phone and security against the various repair labs. The application quickly diagnoses problems on the device and enables remote management by the Labz system that accompanies the application.
The Labz system enables detailed reports of all insured devices that have been tested in the application and can monitor their integrity and qualifications remotely.
These will reduce the amount of time and costs your organization spends on troubleshooting your device.


  • Registering new customers – remote & fast phone status.

  • Extensive and comprehensive mobile tests.

  • Fault tracking and device status.

  • Complete report on phone’s condition.


TestM is a verified testing solution that accurately analysis device performance with different software and hardware tests.Diagnoses and evaluates remotely the basic functionality of mobile devices. You can know the phone problem before meeting the smartphone technician. The diagnostic tool diagnoses the phone most thoroughly with over 24 extensive tests. TestM offers insurance companies a platform that real-time updates the status of the devices and enables efficient and safe conduct.

We’ll help you set up the relevant checks for your business and help you improve your customer satisfaction.