When and what for is the iPhone IMEI check needed?

What is IMEI? What do you need iPhone IMEI check for and how can you run it from distance and get results within 30 seconds? Here you can get all the answers you need!

What is IMEI?

Before we can explain all about the iPhone IMEI check, we must understand first what is the IMEI and what do these letters stand for. The initials IMEI stand for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. That means, that every single mobile phone has a unique identity number, that contains 15 digits and is similar, in its purpose, to our identity number, since they are both meant to identify a specific mobile phone or a specific person.

The everyday use of iPhone IMEI check

Although it might be hard to believe, people need to run iPhone IMEI check every time they are purchasing a new device in general and a used device in particular! The reason for that is, that this is the only way to know if a specific device was reported as stolen at any time. When a cellphone is reported to the mobile carrier as stollen, they immediately block it and put it on the blacklist. Then, when the thief sells it to someone else, it can’t connect to the network and therefore, it is useless. So, people who want to buy an iPhone, they need to run an iPhone IMEI check in order to make sure they are not buying a blacklisted phone and wasting their money for nothing.

iPhone IMEI check – the old fashion way

since there has always been a necessity for iPhone IMEI check, in order to know if a certain iPhone was blacklisted or not, it has always been possible to do. The problem was, that in order to run the iPhone IMEI check, you had to have the device in your hands and contact your mobile carrier after purchasing it and realizing there is something wrong with it and you can’t actually use it.

iPhone IMEI check – the innovative way

now, thanks to the new TESTM app, you can run the iPhone IMEI check by yourself and even before ordering it from China while being in the U.S.A! all you have to do is ask the seller to install the TESTM app and run it. Within 30 seconds the seller can run the iPhone IMEI check and send you the results and then you will have the IMEI status and the peace of mind you need in order to buy a new iPhone from an unknown seller.

a lot more than just an iPhone IMEI check!

Being able to run an iPhone IMEI check from afar is, without a doubt, very important. But, if you want to purchase an iPhone from an unknown seller, it is just as important to know what is the device’s condition in general! With the TESTM app, you can not only run an iPhone IMEI check, but you can also check the screen for cracks, the cameras, the battery life status, the connectivity, and more!