Phone blacklist check DIY – the benefits for mobile carriers

How can anyone have accessibility to phone blacklist check and how can the mobile carrier benefit from their clients running phone blacklist check by themselves with the TESTM app? In this article, you will get all the answers!

The growing necessity of phone blacklist check

How often is it, that people buy second-hand cellular devices from unknown sellers, trying to lower the costs and end up with a brand-new useless device because it is blacklisted? Most people don’t even know why their new cell phone can not connect to their mobile carrier’s network and what does the blacklist means. Then, they turn to their mobile carrier for answers.

Call center overload

As we all know, the call centers of mobile carriers all over the world get more calls per hour than their representatives can answer and the result is unsatisfied costumers due to long waiting for human response. The ability to run phone blacklist check independently, and even before actually purchasing the device, via the TESTM app can significantly reduce the number of entering calls to the call center and therefore, significantly increase the customer satisfaction.

Phone blacklist check – the aftermath

Most of the time, when your client decides to purchase a second-hand smartphone, they do it because they want to lower the price and they are unaware of the possible consequences. But, when they run a phone blacklist check before or after buying a blacklisted phone, that is when they can see the benefits of buying a new, first-hand smartphone straight from the mobile carrier, even if it means that they will have to pay more. Simply, because sometimes, buying cheap can cost you a fortune!

About the other test

The TESTM app is not only about running a phone blacklist check and your customers can use it to run many other tests as well! For example, they can also check the front and rear camera of their device, run a screen check for fractures and cracks, and also test its touch sensibility, the Wi-Fi connectivity, the battery life status, and more.

How can these tests help the mobile carriers?

Now, that we understand how the mobile carriers can benefit from the customers running a phone blacklist check on their own, it’s time to explain how they can benefit from the other tests suggested by the TESTM app:

First, when a customer wants to come to your lab to fix a problem, the company’s representative can show them the origin of the problem and give them a price quote on the spot and allow the lab technicians to be more productive.

Second, when your customer wants you to insure their second-hand device, you can ask them to run the tests you need in the TESTM app, including the phone blacklist check of course, and within 5 minutes you will get the full status of the phone. This way, you can earn more money from insuring more devices!