All about the most efficient way to run a Samsung IMEI check!

What is the purpose of Samsung IMEI check? What makes the Samsung IMEI check by TESTM so efficient? Here we will tell you all about the TESTM app and how you can use it to run a Samsung IMEI check within 30 seconds!

The new and easiest way to run a Samsung IMEI check

Until not too long ago, the only way to do a Samsung IMEI check was by holding the phone in your hand and trying to make a call. If the SIM card can’t find your mobile network and you can’t use it, it is most likely, that the IMEI is blacklisted. Which means – reported as stolen. Now, with TESTM’s new technology, you don’t even have to be anywhere near the phone in order to run a Samsung IMEI check to know if the IMEI is blacklisted and therefore the device is blocked. As a matter of fact, all you have to do is download the TESTM app and run the Samsung IMEI check.

The importance of Samsung IMEI check

A fast and easy Samsung IMEI check can be very important and valuable for both the buyer and the mobile carrier. We’ll start with the buyer’s need first: Since most mobile phone buyers try to find their desired device in the lowest price they can get, they turn to unknown sellers to buy second handed devices. Since the buyer can not check the phone until they pay for it and try to use it themselves, at least – as far as they know, they often find out that the device was stolen and therefor, can not be used. Now, they can run the Samsung IMEI check even from another continent!

How can mobile carriers benefit from Samsung IMEI check?

As we previously mentioned, mobile carriers can benefit from Samsung IMEI check and as a matter of fact, even more than the buyer! the main reason is, that when a client contacts the mobile company, asking for help, the company’s representative can ask the unfortunate buyer to run the TESTM app for a Samsung IMEI check and see for themselves what caused the problem. At that point, the client already understands the risks of buying from unknown sellers and will prefer to pay a little more, but be sure that the device is usable and can serv them for the next few years.

What else can you check with the TESTM app?

Being able to run a Samsung IMEI check easily is very good news. But the better news is, that with the TESTM app you can check the phone and make sure it is undamaged in any way. For example, you can check the screen for fractures, the battery status, the camera – rear, front and flash status, the sound system– headphones, microphone and speaker, connectivity – WIFI, Bluetooth and location and you can even use the app to run a hardware test and check the charger, the sensors, the buttons and more!