Fall detection

TestM offers advanced technology enabling the detection of falls of the mobile device. The Fall Detection application can detect a fall or unusual activity of the device and update it in real time.

One of the most obvious advantages is the possibility of being updated in a situation where our loved ones experience a fall, if the mobile device is on them. The app detects the fall and sends an alert to the person you want, so it is possible to verify if our loved ones (adults and children) have been affected.

Diagnostic Tools

The TestM diagnostic tool allows the user to be updated at any time in the device mode. There are over 24 different tests to control the device. With a simple touch screen interface you can optimize the performance of the device, you can get information about the fitness of the device and thus you can streamline your operation with the device. At any given time, you will know whether it is a malfunction or to know your continued activity. The app will give you confidence in purchasing a new device when you sell your existing device or in front of the various cellular labs and stores.

Party Mode

Detecting the falls is also reflected in the situations in which we spend and suddenly the mobile device falls off our hands. When we are in a busy / dark / noisy place and the phone is falling, the party mode activates the flash and sound on the phone and allows the owner of the device to find it easily.